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Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
These products are widely used in the industry bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. They operate by means of two synchronized hydraulic cylinders on the C-frames moving the upper beam. They are preferred because they are reliable, use little energy and are safer. Accuracy and speed are two advantages of our Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Hydraulic Shearing Machine,  is specially designed with rotary blades and disks to cut hard iron sheets and metal bars. There is an upper blade and lower blade separated by adjustable clearance, when a force is applied on the upper blade it forces the lower blade to cut and separate the metal into two. They are operated with hydraulic power pistons in order to cut through a variety of material.
NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine
These are designed to cut through a number of different metals with ease and efficiency. They are equipped with with easy to use axis NC Controlled heavy duty back gauge with PLC based controller.The controller has the capability to program axis position, position correction,step repetition, protection against miscounting, etc.
NC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
These products are used in low tonnage bending applications. The cleverly made PLC system can be used to program the position of the piece of metal. Further, the back gauge can be programmed to move between bends to repeatedly make complex parts. Using the control system the motion of the ram can be easily stopped at any time in response to a safety device.
Hydraulic C Frame Press Machine
These machines are designed to meet the metal bending requirements of various industries. They provide faster and reliable bending as they have variable stroke adjustment with limit switch. Further, they are very easy to use as they have a moveable foot switch and a front operator control box.
Hydraulic H Frame Press Machine
These machines have a low pressure hydraulic system which provides smooth, consistent pressing action. They are open on both the sides, which facilitates ease in working on the long pieces. Further, the problem of lateral movement is eliminated as it has a self locking table design which clamps the material in place. The low pressure hydraulic system ensures higher efficiency and safer operation.

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